Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Making cars more efficient

Although a world without cars would be much greener, it would also be very difficult to live in, especially if you have a disability, or you live in a rural area. There’s no doubt that it is easier to do without a car is easier in if you live in a town or city. So here are some tips to make your car greener and more energy efficient:
  • Keep your tires inflated at the maximum recommended pressure(check once a month) and properly aligned (get your alignment checked every 5,000 miles)
  • Keep up on your car maintenance, especially ignition timing, spark plugs and wiring, and idle speed setting (a poorly tuned car can loose up to 20% fuel efficiency)
  • Watch your petrol mileage for problems. Compare mileage for different brands of petrol - some may give you better mileage.
  • If you own more than one vehicle, try to use the one with the best mileage.
  • Minimize use of your air conditioner (but only if you can leave the windows up) and improve your fuel efficiency
  • Drive the speed limit - you can save 15-20% by driving 65 instead of 75. Optimum MPG are found at 35-45 MPH.
  • Avoid quick starts and stops. In general, drive as smoothly as possible.
  • Keep windows shut at high speeds.
  • Don't start your car until you are ready to drive off.
  • Avoid idling your car for more than 30 seconds.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary, heavy items around in your car. On trips, avoid using roof-racks, car-top packs or towing a trailer if at all possible. 
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