Saturday, 3 September 2011

Focus on Transport

From 3rd to 11th September we're looking at transport as part of the Year of the Environment. We’ll be posting ideas and stories on our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts looking at what you can do to change the way you travel to help change the world.

Personal travel accounts for up to a quarter of all the damage individuals do to the environment across Europe, including climate change effects. How many times have you used a car today?

The Revd Canon Richard Rowling has written collects for the Year of the Environment – here’s the collect for travel. Could you pray this throughout our period of focusing on travel?

Lord, our life is often likened to a Journey, a journey of discovery, a journey that changes perspectives and brings us closer to you. As we go about our daily business, enable us to think and plan our travel so that it minimises the impact on your planet. May we in all things be respectful and honourable travellers for the sake of your creation and the glory of your name. Amen.

Eleanor Course

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  1. Definitely yes! We are in need of a sustainable mode of transportation in the UK. Increasing travel costs, petrol costs, CO2, congestion on the roads...I could go on and on!

    On my part, I really cant afford a "green", so I carpool on all my long distance trips to compensate. I was a little apprehensive to do this in teh beginning but I came across blablacar, where there were some measures to build trust among carpoolers.

    Its been good so far, I save money on both petrol and the trip, I dont drive alone there by my carbon emission is reduced and all of us who carpool use one car instead of one each and help reduce congestion.

    To me carpooling seems to be the most immediate solution.