Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Green Travel Sunday

Churchgoers around Northallerton and Thirsk will be travelling to their Sunday services in environmentally friendly ways on 18th September.  The Revd Ian Houghton, vicar of 11 churches, will be driving an electric car around his parishes.

Canon Richard Rowling is Rural Dean of Mowbray (the churches in the Northallerton and Thirsk area).  He said, “As part of the Diocese of York’s Year of the Environment, we’ve challenged churchgoers in the Deanery of Mowbray to travel to church in green ways on 18th September.  I hope lots of people will walk or cycle to church instead of driving, and maybe even decide to travel green on other occasions.  The natural world is a gift from God to enjoy; but we are also called to join with God in sustaining and caring for it.”

The Revd Ian Houghton, vicar of 11 churches including Cowesby, Felixkirke, and Leake said, “I’ve been lent an electric car, a Peugeot iOn by Simon Bailes Peugeot in Northallerton, so that I can travel to my churches in an environmentally friendly way on 18th September. I can easily cover 60 miles on a Sunday, visiting my churches, so there’s no way I could walk that!  The electric car from Simon Bailes will help me to reduce my carbon footprint and help the planet.”

Bridget Charlton of Simon Bailes said, “Eco-driving is becoming really popular across our region and it is extremely positive to see local communities embracing the new technology and playing their part in becoming more environmentally aware. The iOn is ideal for these types of trips and will make a real difference to Ian’s carbon footprint.”

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