Monday, 19 September 2011

Headstone Cleaning

Elizabeth Hardcastle from the Living Churchyards Project has alerted us to a product for cleaning headstones that could harm the delicate ecosystem of our churchyards.  HG Headstone Cleaning Spray is widely available, and is designed to remove algae and moss growth from gravestones.   These algaes and mosses are vital to the ecology of churchyards, and there’s a possibility the chemicals could damage the stones as well.  If you want to make your churchyard a greener, more environmentally friendly place, please encourage people not to use these sprays.  For more information on managing your churchyard to help the natural habitat and ecology of native plants and animals, visit the Living Churchyards website.  Elizabeth Hardcastle is the Project Officer, and she will be pleased to discuss any thoughts or aspirations relating to your churchyards.

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