Thursday, 22 September 2011

Focus on purchasing - grow your own?

If you have your own allotment or garden, or even a grow bag in your yard, you'll know how satisfying it is to grow your own food and keep your food miles low.  Could you form a group at church to grow food, perhaps even inviting members of the community to get involved? 

Grow Zones is a community project bringing help and inspiration to your garden, wonderful food to your table and adding friendship and purpose to your life.

A Grow Zones team clubs together to share skills, tools and produce to eliminate food miles and turn gardens over to permaculture at whatever level you want – from a redesign of your whole plot to simply helping and sharing with someone else’s once or twice a year.

The project gets people growing; introduces permaculture ideas; forms community; and teams even benefit from insurance cover for their group activities. Backed up by the Grow Zones Kit you’ll have all the resources, ideas and inspiration you need to get going.

To order a Grow Zones Kit and find out more visit

Eleanor Course

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