Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wild Gardening

We’ve looked a lot at what can be done in churchyards to help local biodiversity, but what can you do in your own home and garden?

Wild About Gardens is an excellent place to start. Their website has projects you can do from month to month – for example, in June you could:
  • Top up bird feeders and put out food on the ground and bird tables
  • Avoid chunky foods that could choke young fledglings
  • Trim hedges less frequently to allow wildlife to shelter and feed
  • Leave nesting birds undisturbed in garden shrubs and hedges
  • Put out hedgehog and badger food
  • Use wildlife-friendly slug pellets if chemical slug control is needed
  • Leave roses that produce hips without dead-heading them
  • Mow spring flowering meadows once bulb foliage has died down
  • Leave annual meadows un-mown
They also have a good guide to what you can spot in your garden throughout the year, and ideas for projects you can do in your garden in a couple of hours. Get gardening!

Eleanor Course

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