Saturday, 11 June 2011

Cherishing Churchyards

The Diocese is focussing on biodiversity from 10th to 19th June, which is also Caring for God’s Acre’s Cherishing Churchyards week. Churchyards are vital tools for churches wishing to help the biodiversity of their locality.

Caring for God’s Acre is a national organisation which aims to inspire and support local communities to care for churchyards and burial grounds in a way which benefits both people and wildlife. Cherishing Churchyards Week is a chance to celebrate churchyards and burial grounds and to raise awareness of the treasures they contain.
You can visit their website and discover how you can celebrate your churchyard and discover what it contains. They’ve got great ideas to make your churchyard a place for families with quizzes, treasure hunts, a mini beast safari and more.

Eleanor Course

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