Wednesday, 15 June 2011

England’s Endangered Species

In a constantly changing world where wildlife is under threat, many species are declining at an alarming rate. Since 1977 the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has been helping to ensure a future for many endangered species throughout the country. Did you know that water voles, hedgehogs, otters and dormice are under threat or have rapidly declining numbers?

If you want to help these mammals, visit the PTES website for ideas.

Hedgehog numbers have declined by 50% in the last decade – are we facing a future with no hedgehogs in England? A new project to help is Hedgehog Street – visit their website to become a Hedgehog Champion, and learn how you can rally support from your neighbours and work together to create ideal hedgehog habitat throughout your street, estate or communal grounds.

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