Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rogation Service in Whorlton with Carlton and Faceby

The Revd Linda Shipp, vicar of Whorlton with Carlton and Faceby, emailed us to tell us about her churches' Rogation day service.

She said, "Every year we hold a Rogation service in a local barn, this year we decided to celebrate local farming, using local produce to make pancakes during the service. The children helped to make pancakes from eggs donated by a local farmer (laid fresh that morning) and then ladies cooked the pancakes as the service continued. The pancakes were eaten at the end of the service with locally produced jam and honey before we had a BBQ. It was great fun, we prayed for our environment, local farming and blessed soil, seed, water, and went outside to bless the land and animals. Donations were made to Farm Crisis Network."

What a great idea!

Eleanor Course

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