Friday, 10 June 2011

Focus on Biodiversity

From 10th to 19th June we're looking at biodiversity as part of the Year of the Environment. We’ll be posting ideas and stories on our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts looking at what you can do in your churchyards and in your own homes to help the variety of plants, insects and animals that share our world.

Biodiversity is the technical term for the variety of life on Earth. It refers not just to the diversity of species of plants, animals, fungi, bacteria etc, but also to the variety within any one species and to the various ways species live together in ecosystems. Often there is a sense that what is to be preserved is the genetic diversity so that future generations can draw on this as a resource, but many people feel delight in the diversity itself and want to preserve it for its own sake.

The Revd Canon Richard Rowling has written collects for the Year of the Environment – here’s the collect for biodiversity. Could you pray this throughout our period of focusing on biodiversity?

Almighty God our Creator, you have given us a world that is rich and diverse.
Help us to honour the integrity and balance that lies at the heart of your creation.
Give us vision to see the harm that is done by us and in our name, through greed and carelessness;
and give us true repentance, that through humility and reconciliation with your creation we may bring healing to your world and restore it to your glory,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Eleanor Course

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