Monday, 31 January 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

I have been struck by two very different things I have come across that make you think about how complicated the climate change issue is. 

The first is an article I came across on the Eco Congregation web-site relating to last year's volcanic eruptions in Iceland - apparently it was Carbon Neutral.  The estimated CO2 emissions arising from the eruption itself were more than compensated by the lack of aircraft in the air as a result of the disruption!!  Not much we can do about "Lifestyle Choice" but it certainly puts into perspective the scale of both the eruption and the emissions of aircraft.

Secondly I have seen a number of supermarkets are selling "double concentrate" fruit squash drinks.  Less packaging, less volume, fewer delivery lorries as a result and less impact on landfill.  But does the energy used to increase the concentration of the juice itself compensate for this?  I don't know - perhaps we should be told.

Graham Andrews

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