Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting the message out

So far we have a number of engagements to come and talk to different groups in the diocese about our initiative.  I have been to speak to the New Ainstey Chapter and will be going again in March to speak to their Deanery Synod.  This Monday I am off to the Pickering Mens' Group to see them. 

The New Ainstey Chapter were very enthusiastic about the scheme and several commented on the bird boxes they had received.  The Deanery is hoping to undertake an audit of the land the 'church' (in its broadest sense) looks after.  We hope they will identify some habitats they did not know about previously and I am sure they will want to share their findings later in the year.

We have had some further correspondence on the Bird Boxes.  First was a complaint - which is a shame - about the cost of the enterprise.  All the costs were covered by the diocesan contractors who work on our Parsonage houses.  So a big thanks to them for their sponsorship.  We have specifically tried to keep costs to an absolute minimum as we all know only too well that times out there are hard.

The second letter has been about the types of boxes that were sent out.  The correspondent rightly identified that Owl habitats have taken a real hit in recent years.  However our scheme was meant as a gesture to raise awareness about the 2011 initiative; so all the boxes were the same typical bird box type.  However, if their being sent out has highlighted awareness of other bird types' habitat needs - then HURRAH!!  Stamford Bridge is making a further batch of boxes for their own use in their benefice.  Perhaps others will do likewise and think specifically about the need in their areas.

And finally - one of the ways we want to share material is through social networking sites.  If you have mutual friends on Facebook who you think would like to keep in touch, comment and share their thoughts on "Our Environment 2011" then please "suggest" them as a friend for me.

Graham Andrews

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