Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Photovoltaic panels at St Edward's Dringhouses, York

St Edward the Confessor Church in Dringhouses, York, has fitted photovoltaic panels to the roof of their Scout Hut.

"With the experience of photovoltaic panels on our roof at home, with the enthusiasm of Martin (the vicar) I presented the idea to the PCC early last year.  I emphasised the significant reduction in the churches carbon footprint by installing solar and the probable financial benefits to the church after the initial outlay. The PCC agreed to put some money into the pot and the church membership was invited to offer donations. Solartwin, our preferred installer of the three quotations, advised that the Scout Hall roof had the best aspect as it faced south and had minimal overshadowing.

"The Scout committee interviewed me about the concept and were agreeable.  We obtained diocesan approval and planning permission.The generation meter reading is already steadily increasing! This will be of benefit to the church,the Scouts and the local community groups who use the facilities of the church."

If you're interesting in finding out more about fitting photovoltaic panels to your church or church buildings, there's information here.  

Eleanor Course

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