Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Diocesan bird box home to baby tree sparrows!

As part of the Year of the Environment, the Diocese sent out a nesting box to every church and church school. The bird box at St Martin, Kirklevington is now home to a brood of baby tree sparrows!

Mike Page, Churchwarden of St Martin, Kirklevington contacted us to say, "This photograph shows the first brood of any species to be hatched and reared in the bird box supplied by the D of Y earlier this year. Thanks to Alistair McLee (Chairman of Teesmouth Bird Club and licensed “ringer”) who not only recommended the location for the box, but also was correct in forecasting that we would successfully attract tree sparrows and not the more numerous blue tits. The photo was taken as the birds were being fitted with identity rings on 12 May 2011."

Have any birds nested in your bird box? If so, please do let us know at comms@yorkdiocese.org. Congratulations to Kirklevington!

Eleanor Course (feeling as proud as if she'd laid the eggs herself!)

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