Sunday, 27 March 2011

Carbon Offsetting

We hope this period looking at energy has been helpful to you, and you’ve got some ideas on how you might be able to save energy at home and in the church.

Once you’ve tried to reduce your carbon footprint, might you think about offsetting the remainder? The Diocese is working with the Carbon Footprint UK Tree Planting Scheme to plant trees in areas across the Diocese to offset our mileage and other emissions from 2011.

While offsetting will not solve our carbon problems completely, it does give us a breathing pace to put longer term changes in place. We would love our parishes to contribute their offset into this fund. If you’re interested, read more here.

Eleanor Course


  1. Another briliant offsetting organisation is Climate Stewards, which is part of A Rocha. They are a Christian organisation who plant primarily in Ghana, in places where the trees will help poor communities by shading other crops, providing livlihoods and holding the soil together.

    Their website is:

  2. Thanks for your comment Simon. We are aware that there are many really good schemes for offsetting. In this diocese we are aiming to plant locally this year as a particular outcome of the "Our Environment 2011" initiative.

    Graham Andrews
    Archbishop's Adviser for the Environment