Monday, 7 February 2011

York Minster Stone Auction

York Minster will be holding a Stone Auction on 16th February - is this an ingeneous way of making money through recycling?

During stonework restoration projects on the fabric of the Minster, stone replacement is often necessary to replace decayed or structurally unsound material. It is not always possible to remove complete stones which are to be replaced; they are often broken up during the removal process.

However, some are able to be removed in one piece and over many years a large number are collected and put in store. All material removed is recorded for the Minster’s archival records. A number of pieces are retained by the Minster as being of significance in the archaeological history of the building. There is not enough room to store every stone taken off the building, so the surplus stones will be auctioned and reinvested in the restoration of the Minster.

Individual lots will be available ranging from complex tracery panels to smaller stones with simpler masonry detail. Larger stones could be used as stand-alone garden features, or used to enhance a garden pond or rockery. Some pieces could be used indoors as bases for table lamps or just as ornament. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the current programme of conservation and restoration at York Minster.

What do you think?

Eleanor Course

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